August 26, 2011 ( – After the elections of May 2, 2011, Jack Layton achieved the status in Canada’s Parliament of “Leader of the Opposition.” He died on August 22, before Parliament had resumed.

Mr. Layton inherited the leadership of a Party fully secular and this-world oriented, like its socialist brethren throughout the world. It did not, and in Canada could not, indulge in the unbridled violence of its Communist (scientific socialist) cousins but in all other respects a thin veneer of unacknowledged Christian justice and concern for the poor could barely tame its wrongheaded solutions to almost every economic and political issue. Mr. Layton himself was a victim. When Liberalism in Canada threw off its Christian principles under Trudeau, the NDP was only too glad to follow in lockstep: support for killing unborn babies, divorce, the dissolution of the family, euthanasia, the homosexual lifestyle, transgenderism, all are fodder for its members. Morgentaler, the butcher of Canada, was one of his heroes.
Jack Layton in 1988 filmed among crowd of pro-abortion activists taunting and assaulting peaceful Operation Rescue participants
Campaign Life Coalition

As a Toronto City Councillor, Layton stood among the crowd who mocked and physically abused pro-life activists who peacefully witnessed to the dignity of all human life before Morgentaler’s Toronto abortuary in October 1988. He urged the police to arrest the pro-lifers and complained that they had not already done so before he got there. At that time, smiling Jack forgot to smile.

In the end, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, clever politician that he is, grandly exploited the sentimental aura of Mr. Layton’s death by ordering a state funeral.

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