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Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16: Feast Day Our Lady Of Mount Carmel

Feast Day for Carmelites: Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Today is a special day for all who wear the scapular, and especially for members of the Carmelites. It is thefeast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Assumption Grotto is the home base for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Secular Carmelites (discalced) which meet at the parish on First Saturday's starting with an added Mass time of 8:30am and ending around Noon following refreshments, business meeting, and formation. Scrolling here will offer some info and good Carmelite articles.

From the Catholic Encyclopedia:

This feast was instituted by the Carmelites between 1376 and 1386 under the title"Commemoratio B. Marif Virg. duplex" to celebrate the victory of their order over its enemiesEWTN's page on the Brown Scapular
on obtaining the approbation of its name and constitution from Honorius III on 30 Jan., 1226 (see Colvenerius, "Kal. Mar.", 30 Jan. "Summa Aurea", III, 737). The feast was assigned to 16 July, because on that date in 1251, according to Carmelite traditions, the scapular was given by the Blessed Virgin to St. Simon Stock; it was first approved by Sixtus V in 1587. After Cardinal Bellarmine had examined the Carmelite traditions in 1609, it was declared the patronal feast of the order.........
it was extended to the entire Latin Church by Benedict XIII. The lessons contain the legend of the scapular; the promise of theSabbatine privilege was inserted into the lessons by Paul Vabout 1614. The Greeks of southern Italy and the CatholicChaldeans have adopted this feast of the "Vestment of theBlessed Virgin Mary". The object of the feast is the special predilection of Mary for those who profess themselves her servants by wearing her scapular

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